Urinetown – Cerritos College

THEY DID THE BUNNY HOP DURING THE FINAL CHORUS OF DON’T BE THE BUNNY!!!! OMFG!!!! IT FITS PERFECTLY AND IT’S HILARIOUS! This is the fifth production of this musical that I’ve seen (on Broadway, technically off-Broadway; the national tour at OCPAC; PCPA Theatrefest in Solvang; Laguna Beach High School) and I learn something new every time I see it. It is such a brilliantly constructed musical with thought-provoking content wrapped in comedy that I could see it five more times and still not be tired of it. The music is jazzy and fun, the dialogue and lyrics pop with cynicism and wit and the characters are lovable despite of, and even for, their depravity. Now enough ranting about how great the show is. Some minor negative values for this production: it is a community college production run by community college students for many of whom this is their first time. … Continue reading →


Urinetown The Review, not the place Yes, that’s right. I finally decided to put this page together. It’s just that recently, I’ve noticed that my opinion really doesn’t influence or matter. I mean, who am I put some punk kid who’s only more intelligent than the sheep around us. Well, when I put it in that light, I actually want to keep reviewing things. So here goes! (This is the review of the West Coast tour that stopped through at OCPAC). My memories are fairly fragmented, but I of course loved the show. What sticks out? Certain songs that I really enjoy, Officer Lockstock, Little Sally, Bobby Strong, Harry Hot Blades, and Miss Pennywise the opera singer. In that order, too. The songs I enjoy are: Privilege to Pee – “It’s no way to live, I tells ya. No way ta live!” (Old Man Strong). Cop Song – “Well it’s … Continue reading →

Sweeney Todd – Musical Theatre West

Phenomenal!!! I walked out of the theatre like. giddy fan boy! This musical is almost tied with Urinetown as the show I’ve seen the most (I’ve seen 5 different productions of Urinetown and now 4 of Sweeney – once with Norman Large (EEEE) at Riverside Community Theatre; once with John Massey Jr directing, musical directing and starring as Sweeney at STAGEStheatre; and once at the Ahmanson with it’s Tony-award winning “artistic” rendition). Does the movie count as the fifth time? ;-D This was hands-down one of the best large stage productions of Sweeney Todd I’ve ever seen. The set design, the lighting, the dancing, the singing, the acting – it’s all absolutely phenomenal. It’s no small wonder that the director (who has been in several productions of Sweeney as The Beadle – including the first National Tour) was able to pull this off, but even today it’s still a masterful … Continue reading →

Jersey Boys, Across the Universe, Misbehavin’ Nightly, Pajama Game and Enchanted (i.e. The Past Three Weeks In Entertainment)

Jersey Boys The show is a lot of fun. The story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, it’s definitely rated R (they’re from f*ckin’ Jersey after all), but a lot of fun. It’s a biopic musical! Well then again, all biopics about music stars are musicals…I just don’t think I’ve seen the jukebox musical format applied as a biopic and I love it! Across the Universe Wow, two jukebox musicals in one week? You’d think I’d be sick of it, but I’m actually having a heck of a time. Across the Universe is the jukebox movie-musical (has that been done before?) starring the Beatles and an incredibly talented cast (definitely triple threats). Directed by Julie Taymor (the “person” responsible for The Lion King musical), the movie is very enjoyable and taught me a lot of Beatles music. The soundtrack is amazing! It’s chock full of musical goodies and I’ve … Continue reading →

Shoot ‘Em Up

This movie is awesome. Highly violent and ultra slick, it follows the idea behind Urinetown: that nothing kills a musical quicker than too much exposition. As I sit here listening to the soundtrack (which is phenomenal as well), I can’t even remember the opening titles. All I remember is the New Line Cinema logo flying in, then the holes being gun shot in, and then Clive Owen sitting on a bus bench. 30 seconds later, the gun fire starts and it doesn’t stop for a good 5 minutes. There is a story going on that is really quite plausible (the only thing I really miss is confirmation of Owen’s real identity, but I can live without it) and I just enjoyed the heck out of it. A lot of the stunts were really spectacular (over 40 stunt men), but the thing that impressed me the most was the stunt coordination. … Continue reading →

A Weekend In The Country

[Bonus points if you understand the title reference] So here it is…Labor Day Weekend 2007. I spent the weekend at the King Frederick Best Western in Solvang. The whole purpose of the trip was to see PCPA’s Urinetown, but I also ended up finishing Pearl Harbor by Newt Gingrich and William Forstchen. The theatre ended up being less than a 1/10 of a mile from our hotel, and it felt really fun to walk to the theatre, see the show and then walk back to the hotel. I’ll have to make this Solvang trip more of a regular thing to see more theatre and walk back to my room. 😉 Urinetown…Not the Place, The Musical The Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts (PCPA) presents Urinetown in Santa Maria and at Solvang’s TheatreFest. At first Officer Lockstock seemed a bit too over the top with his gay act, but after a … Continue reading →

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The movie is fantastic, and the musical is a great adaptation with great music by David Yazbek. I loved Yazbek after listening to The Full Monty (musical not movie), but I didn’t know that he also wrote the Carmen San Diego theme! I had two issues with the adaptation: the subtle changes to Lawrence Jamison and Janet…I mean Christina…Colgate. Lawrence came off as more of a sexual playboy (could have just been Tom Hewitt) while Michael Caine was a stylish thief who didn’t care that much about sex…in fact the whole musical seemed more amped up sexually…Norbert Leo Butz humping everything in sight…hilarious, but…I guess this makes me a prude, but I’m old fashioned that way. My issue with Colgate was her klutziness…I just think it tips her character’s hand quicker than the movie so I blanche a little. Other than that this is a great adaptation. Freddy: Wear this, … Continue reading →